Thursday, September 29, 2011


CAIR (Council for Islamic-American Relations) is one of the big dogs on the block when it comes to whining about how misunderstood Islam is in America.  A frequent charge from this secretive organization is Americans are "Islamophobic," that they are prejudiced, that they are possessed of an irrational fear or distrust of Muslims and Islam. It's a term spouted when an employer insists an employee wear the workplace uniform, when anyone shouts at a Muslim motorist (don't get caught driving in Saudi Arabia, lady!) or an air-traveler frowns at anyone wearing an outlandish costume baggy enough to hide a half-dozen suicide bombers...all named Mohammed. Mostly, however, CAIR uses the term when anyone disagrees with them.
The inner workings of CAIR were revealed in Muslim Mafia by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry. Although Allah-father Ibrahim Hooper denies the validity of the book's charges, the tapestry of deceit is woven from CAIR's documents and recordings of secret meetings. We will not go into detail since we have done so elsewhere...

However, you would be well served to read the book. If you want to buy the book, do so from the publisher and help the self-defense fund. Yes, CAIR, great protector of civil liberties, wants the book banned nationwide, a fate no book has suffered here since Fanny Hill in 1963, and at least that had sex.

CAIR's overall contention is that Islam is a religion of peace, that anyone who claims differently is not only mistaken, misinformed and misguided, but Islamophobic. Muslims are peaceful. Muslims are conservative. Muslims do want to fundamentally transform America by instituting sharia law, even though every attempt to keep sharia from supplanting State and Federal law is met by stiff opposition from CAIR through lobbying, intimidation and lawsuits ("lawfare"). They also deny they support infiltration of government at all levels in a kind of "silent" or "soft" jihad, deny they promote non-cooperation with law enforcement agencies, and deny there is anything at all hinky going on in mosques ("barracks of Islam" per the Turkish PM) that anyone should be concerned about.

If we are to believe CAIR, which paints itself as the Muslim-American's champion, as the face of Islam in America, and as the arbiter of all things Islamic, then the nut-jobs outside the United States, who claim to be real Muslims, must be impostors. Perhaps they are just CIA stooges -- millions and millions of stooges, who fill the streets of cities in Pakistan, England, Syria, Egypt, France, Iran, Germany and Yemen; perhaps those countries don't even exist, no more than the prancing Mohammedan myrmidons who chop off heads, burn flags, and seek ultimate victory over the hated infidel. All just an American delusion, CAIR insists.

Jihad? Americans are quite mistaken about jihad, CAIR maintains. Ignorant Americans just do not understand that jihad means nothing more than "struggle," the struggle of the soul, the struggle of faith. It has nothing to do with holy war, nothing to do with murder, nothing to do with subjugation, nothing to do with swords, bombs or AK47s. Foolish Americans! Silly Americans! If only you understood Islam as the masters, both seen and unseen, of CAIR understand it. Then you would want to embrace Islam, not be forced to...not that anyone would actually force you. 

Jihad? Sharia? Infiltration? Sedition? Espionage? Terrorism? Jannah as a reward for murder? CAIR is probably right about it all being nothing more than the manifestation of American intolerance. After all America is a nation of oppression...look at the way we silence Muslims and don't let them have their say. The way we prohibit them from building mosques and having their own schools. The way we rounded them all up after the 9/11 attacks and have kept them in concentration camps for the past decade. The way we have not sent one single dollar of humanitarian aid to Muslims in need. The pathetic part is that many Muslims have brainwashed themselves into believing such pig-piffle is the truth, and CAIR has done everything in its power to convince American Muslims they are victims, and nothing more.

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