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The Most Dangerous Book in America...Dangerous to Whom?

ISLAMOPHOBIA: The fear of asking questions about the intent of Muslims, the nature of Islam or the possibility of Islamization of Western civilization; the fear of expressing opinions or criticisms of Muslims or Islam; also, fear of intimidation, retaliation, litigation and violence from Muslims and Islamic organization, such as CAIR or Hamas, due to criticism or questioning of Islam.

Most of time, when you hear "Islamophobia," it's not given the definition above, but a much more pejorative one -- a bigot, a special kind of racist, a traitor to the very principles of freedom upon which America is founded. The next time you hear the word, though, take a moment to consider the circumstances, the reason it is being used, and, most importantly, the results expected by the accuser.

The Council of Islamic American Relations (CAIR) is a nationwide organization that claims to have no other goal than to protect the civil rights of Muslims. Admittedly, many Muslims have CAIR on speed-dial just in case, and CAIR does a very good job at coaching its clients in saying all the proper buzz-words on camera, even if they have to provide the script, but is that all they do? Well, no, by their own admission they conduct outreach programs, help the poor, assist law enforcement in their approaches to Muslims, and appear at times to be a good neighbor in their communities.

Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamacize America by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, published in 2009 by WND Books, gives us a very different portrayal of CAIR. It reveals an organization beset by paranoia, shrouded in secrecy, closed to outsiders, wary of its own employees, distrustful of and hostile to all non-Muslims, overly sensitive to any kind of questioning, litigious to any perceived criticism, and quick to denounce any portrayal or action by authorities which they feel insulting to Muslims, Islam, Mohammad or the Quran. Beyond that, however, the authors claim CAIR is actively infiltrating all levels of government, both for intelligence gathering and subversion; they claim CAIR is backed by foreign money, and, in turn, use their considerable influence to assist terrorists and terrorist organizations.

The accusation that CAIR supports terrorism as a political tool is not new, nor is the claim that CAIR was begun by members of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. That CAIR was an "unindited co-conspirator" to the terrorist Holy Land Foundation is a matter of public record. CAIR's constant reaction is to deny, deny,'s the inverse of the old Hitlerian adage of building truth by constant positive pronouncement.

Muslim Mafia is truly a groundbreaking book in investigating CAIR, for it does it from the inside out. Just as CAIR is placing spies in American government (they claim), the authors placed their own spy inside CAIR -- Chris Gaubatz (David's son) under the name David Marshall. Chris applied for an internship at CAIR after taking his vows at a mosque with known ties to both radical Islam and CAIR, which helped established his bona fides.

Once inside CAIR's Washington DC headquarters, Chris became the best intern they had ever hired, not complaining like all the other interns, ever around to run any errand or do any chore, always volunteering to do the jobs no one else wanted, such as shredding documents. Those documents were pure gold as far as the investigators were concerned, and, aside from Chris' own observations and reports, form the bulk of the evidence that CAIR, beneath the surface, if very different from the public face they would have us accept without question.

The documents include travel vouchers, real estate agreements, strategy plans, e-mails, letters, and intelligence reports. Chris was given responsibility for disposing of the trash, and not once was he ever questioned about the thousands of documents he carried out of the building. The interns and other employees never thought to challenge, or even question the actions of someone known to be very much in favor with the CAIR top brass. Later, of course, when CAIR found out who he was, they sued to get their trash back; a judge ordered Sperry and Gaubatz to give back the trash, but the FBI had other plans, and now the FBI is holding the trash...just what might be done to CAIR or how CAIR may be further investigated by the FBI is hard to say, especially since it is part of the DOJ, which is helmed by AG Eric Holder, whose ideology never lets him call a terrorist anything but a freedom fighter.

The information in Muslim Mafia is incendiary, damning and conclusive. Even given the assumed editorial bias of the authors, a preponderance of evidence, primary, secondary and documentary, leaves no doubt in the mind of even the most jaundiced reader that CAIR is hardly the benevolent freedom-loving patriotic civil rights organization it claims to be. Indeed, many people work at CAIR precisely because they believe they are working to substitute American Constitutional law with sharia law, working for the spread of Islam in the "Big Satan."

CAIR denies everything. Their reaction to the publishing of this book has been to pull out all the stops, and use every tactic they deny using -- personal smears, demonization, intimidation, threats of all kinds, and, most of all, litigation. One criticism commonly leveled against CAIR is that they use America's own freedoms and systems against their enemies, and that is especially true when it comes to the legal system. CAIR has filed at least two lawsuits to ban this book, to prohibit sales and ownership, to remove the book from libraries. The claim is that the book is untrue, but the basis for all their arguments is that it is critical. The frightening thing, to me at least, is not that they can sue the authors and their publisher using CAIR's very deep (and possibly foreign) pockets, but that all they have to do to be successful is to sway the opinion of one judge, either through political correctness, influence, intimidation or blackmail. One person...and the freedom of speech is quashed; CAIR is pro-freedom of speech, but not, apparently, when the speech is against CAIR.

America has always been defined by its freedoms, most particularly by speech. We, as a people, have gone out of our way to protect unpopular speech, from vile Westboro Baptist people, to Muslims speaking against America, to pro- and anti-life viewpoints, to war protesters and war supporters. Time after time, the Supreme Court has protected every sort of free speech; and those who believe that the Constitution says what it says laud that protection, though we may loathe the speech itself. That is the nature of America, and unless CAIR wants to be revealed to be exactly the Islamofascist organization the authors claim it is, they had better learn the price of doing business in America is a thick skin.

Does Muslim Mafia prove the authors' contentions beyond the shadow of a doubt? Though I found its arguments very disturbing and its documentation very supportive of those claims, it was not, for me, a slam dunk. Doubts persist, if only because it against the innate American love of fair play to condemn after only hearing one side of a story. Unfortunately, CAIR does not give us the other side, only denials, character assassination and legal chicanery. Until CAIR steps up and speaks truthfully, as opposed to the talking-point laundry list of replies they spout to every question, I'll hold off on my final opinion, until I grow too weary of their constant I'm-a-victim song-and-dance, which I am not far from at this point. But you may have a different opinion.

Before you make up your mind, you need to do your own research on CAIR, and you definitely need to read Muslim Mafia. If money is tight, you might find the book in your local library, but there is no guarantee of that since librarians are among the most Liberal of creatures, ever PC, and ever fearful or offending any member of the public. If you want to buy your own copy, you can go through the usual outlets, both online and off, but if you are going to purchase a copy, permit me to make a suggestion: buy it through the publisher and your money will help them with their legal bills. Here's the link:

As I've written here and elsewhere, Conservative Americans generally believe the words in the Constitution were chose carefully and deliberately. No matter how much we might want our own philosophies and religious outlooks given a leg up, we know what the Constitution says: "Congress shall make no law..." The good, the bad and the ugly -- like it or not, that's what freedom is all about...and if it's not, then it really isn't freedom, is it? But you don't have to agree with're free to say what you want, right here on the left coast.

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